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How To Care for Your Opal Inlay Ring

Your opal inlay ring requires some special care to keep it looking good.  Top quality Australian opal is not soft but special care should be taken to avoid impacts with hard objects that could damage the opal.  Wear your opal ring with care and common sense.  Don't wear your ring while performing any activity that may damage the ring or the opal inlay.  Remove your opal ring before exercising, yard work, swimming, dishwashing, etc. to eliminate the chance of your opal getting chipped or cracked.  When not wearing your ring, be sure to store it where your other jewelry or other objects won't ding or scratch it.  Keeping it in a cloth bag or small box is a great idea to keep it from being scratched.  Please don't throw your ring in the bottom of your purse with your keys and coins or put it in you pants pocket. Opal rings don't do well in the washer or dryer!


When your opal ring needs cleaning, do not ever put it in an ultrasonic cleaner.  The opal in your ring is held in place by a strong epoxy, but that epoxy may be damaged by chemicals and heat.  Exposure to the chemicals, heat and vibration in an ultrasonic cleaner may negatively affect the epoxy over a period of time and cause your inlaid opals to fall out.  This goes for all household cleaners and any chemicals your ring may come into contact with.  If you are working with chemicals and get any on your ring, you should immediately wash your ring off with mild soap and water.  To clean your inlay ring, simply brush it with soft soap on an old toothbrush.  If your opal inlay is accented by gemstones, scrub them gently to remove any build up around and under the stones.  Scrubbing the gemstones on a weekly basis will keep the build up from becoming difficult to remove and keep your gems sparkling.  There is no need to soak your top quality Australian opal ring in water or worry about applying oil to the opal.  Good Australian opal is virtually impervious and requires no water or oil to keep it looking good and healthy.  Soaking your ring in water or oil may damage the epoxy and weaken its bond, which can cause your opal to fall out.  


Eventually, your opal inlay ring will become scratched or dinged and the opal will lose its polish.  Refinishing your ring to new condition is a fairly simple process but it should only be done by a skilled lapidary.  We have seen many inlay rings ruined by jewelers not familiar with lapidary techniques attempting an opal replacement.  Don't trust your precious opal ring to just any jeweler. Make sure they have the necessary expertise in opals and lapidary techniques to do the job properly.  We recommend returning your Hileman opal jewelry to us for any repairs or refinishing.  We have the rough opal inventory to match the opal in your ring and the experience to do the job properly and restore your ring to the best it can be.  Return Instructions

Australian opal and diamond wedding ring
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